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Composing A Good Descriptive Essay On A Place: Step-By-Step Directions

If you have a favorite place, you will love it when the teacher assigns a descriptive essay on that location. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions for the best paper ever.

  1. Pick your place-you should pick a place you know much about or want to know about in the future. Make sure to cover all arenas of the location.
  2. Investigate your place-look carefully at your location. You will want to study the weather, population, history, culture, art, main attractions, and similar topics. You want to make your reader fall in love with the site because you have so completely researched all aspects of it.
  3. Make your thesis statement-now make the thesis statement for the paper. This sentence will drive the direction of the entire paper. An example might be: The food, culture, and design of Paris, France make it the perfect romantic location for couples. Another example might be: The climate, beaches, and various attractions make Miami, Florida a must see location for the young person on the go seeking a tropical site.
  4. Make your outline-you have to put together an outline. It may change some as you progress, but this is okay. An outline that does not change is a cause for concern.
  5. Create your rough draft-you may now begin to write. You will use your outline as the guide for what you put in the paper. If you correctly researched and composed the outline, then your rough draft should move along smoothly.
  6. Make sure to have in text citations-if you used other people’s information in the composition, you will want to include the in text citations to give credit to that person. How you set up the citations depends on which format you are using. For this paper, it will probably be MLA.
  7. Edit your rough draft- let your paper rest for a few days, then go back and correct it. If you have someone around you who is good at proofing maybe you can enlist him or her to help you some.
  8. Write the final paper-once all the editing has occurred, you can sit down and write the final paper for your class. Take your time and try not to make any new errors.
  9. Make the works cited-the paper is finished, and before you can submit it to your instructor, you will want to make the bibliography or the works cited. This reference page will be submitted with the paper.

Published on  26.12.2016