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The Role Of Marketing Manager

Marketing managers play a huge role in the marketing of the company they work for. There is more to marketing when it comes to being a market manager. The market manager is required to know statistics, do research, keep up with the budget, help with advertising, etc. The responsibilities of the marketing manager require a very strict and detailed plan. Knowing how to strategize according to statistics requires organization, concentration, and a wealth of knowledge. Marketing managers plan according to the target market and customer satisfaction. If a company has increased customer complaints, it is up to the marketing manager to come up with a plan to increase customer satisfaction. This may mean lowering prices, offering sales and services, or the implementation of better training for employees. Keeping customers happy and returning ensures the company will continue to thrive and grow. Without returning customers, a company would begin to see profitability fall.

A number of factors go into marketing strategies including demographical data, type or services or goods offered, price, availability, and even location. Some services require a target market group like young adults or children. These require using strategies that appeal to the desired target market. A marketing strategy designed to appeal to children would be bright, colorful, possibly have happy music, and childlike advertisements.

The marketing manager has a vast amount of responsibilities including measuring the success of the company. Success of a company is measured through a variety of methods. Customer satisfaction and profitability are only a few of the measurements used to determine the success of a company. Marketing managers also have to evaluate the happiness of employees, turnover rate, and work efficiency. If any of the factors are unsatisfactory, it is up to the marketing manager to provide better training to employees and managers. Employee training is part of marketing planning and strategies. Effective and efficient employee help create happier and healthier customer relationships. Marketing managers have many roles, responsibilities, and expectations. They have a very difficult job that requires a collection of data to help increase sales, customer relationships, and employee satisfaction. Budgets have to be set, advertising has to be done according to the target market, and the overall health of the company has to be measured. A good marketing manager will take the time to evaluate the data that is not satisfactory and find a way to fix it.

Published on  27.12.2016