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How to Write Essays: Beware of Generalizations

Generalizations and stereotypes are looked down on in the world of writing. The problems with generalization is that they are very subjective, and is only relevant to the writer’s point of view. When writing, especially for journalistic or academic purposes, it is important to leave out your own point of view, and make the piece as unbiased as possible.

Of course, bias exists in everyone’s psyche- it is impossible to live in the world without bias. However, a good writer will put stereotypes and generalizations aside in the name of a good writing piece.

What is problematic with generalizations exactly? Here are some reasons of why generalizations are best to be avoided when writing your essays.

Of course, while talking about generalizations- it is not easy to generalize that generalizations are always a bad thing. In opinion pieces, it is more acceptable to present your opinion, and yes- generalizations of the topic at hand. This is because sometimes it is normal to make generalizations in order to make sense of the world- that is your unique perception. Opinion essays are a slightly different breed than academic or scientific journals, so it is important that you realize the differences.

Next time you are writing, ask yourself- is this just my opinion or is this generalization relevant to the essay? If not, reconsider, and start on a different path.

Published on  27.12.2016