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Essay Writing Manual: From A to Z

Why can’t there be a simple book – even a short pamphlet – that outlines the process of essay writing? Teachers try to hammer essay writing skills into our heads, but their methods just don’t work! Essay writing is a painful and unhappy assignment, and most students would rather undergo a route canal than suffer through another. If there were a simple guide to essay writing – some kind of effective, educational manual – wouldn’t it be a lot easier for students to tackle those tricky assignments?

Have no fear, students of the world – your long-sought manual is finally here! This A to Z, step-by-step process will show you exactly how to write an excellent essay every single time. You won’t get lost in the midst of the assignment and have to fight your way out with a mediocre, jumbled, messy excuse of an essay! All you have to do now is follow the ABC’s. It will take you from your first important prewriting step to the final act of turning in your paper!

Always understand the assignment first.

Become an expert on the topic you’re going to write about.

Clarify your purpose in writing the essay.

Determine your audience.

Establish some essay ideas and topics.

Find and select the best topic out of your proposed set.

Gather research and support for your essay.

Have a schedule mapped out to determine writing times and deadlines.

Implement a preliminary plan or outline according to this schedule.

Judge what research is relevant and useful, and what you can cut.

Knuckle down and determine your clear, separate arguments.

List the points that you’ll use in your body paragraph to support your thesis.

Make a well-composed introduction that clearly defines your thesis.

Nab your research, your point list and your introduction.

Outline you introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion in an organized way.

Provide relevant research for each argument in the outline.

Question – write a conclusion that will address your original question.

Review your outline and begin to write.

Smartly transition from one idea to the next transitional words and breaks.

Take quotes or data and embed them, seamlessly, into your essay.

Understand this is a first draft; write without worry (you can revise later).

Verify completion of the first draft!

Work on making the paper clearer, well organized and easy to read.

X-amine your work, edit and proofread.

Yield your paper to another set of eyes for a second edit and proofread.

Zoom to class and turn in your paper!

Published on  27.12.2016