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Top 10 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

The compare and contrast essay is not assigned as often as the research essay or the persuasion essay is. It is a very interesting type of essay to write, because you are actually working with two topics instead of one. This could make the essay writing twice as easy or twice as difficult, depending on how you look at it!

The best 10 topics for compare and contrast essays found on the web

  1. Aerobic exercise vs a running program
  2. Apple’s iPad mini vs Nexus 7
  3. Toothpaste vs baking soda
  4. Private daycare vs public daycare
  5. Private schools vs public school system
  6. Mozilla firefox vs Google chrome
  7. Vegan diet vs paleo diet
  8. Living on a deserted island vs living in the center of a big city
  9. Eating at home vs eating out
  10. Huckleberry Finn vs Tom Sawyer

The above list definitely shows some interesting duos to compare and contrast. As you can see, topic pairs to use in your essay can be found within almost any niche or nook you could possibly think of.

You may not want to use one of the top 10 topics in case they are being chosen by thousands of other students. It would be nice to be unique and be the only student in your class with your topic set.

When choosing your own compare and contrast essay topics, keep the following things in mind:

Compare and contrast essays are often assigned because the instructor wants you to hone your research skills and your ability to bring forth and describe things in detail.

Published on  27.12.2016