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Outline Example For A 5-Paragraph Essay

Writing a 5-paragraph essay is not a task to be frightened of. For some this would be to less and for others this will be too lengthy. The most important thing here is that you understand the type of essay that you are about to write. You can do this by focusing on the topic of your essay.

A note of advice

Do not ever go straight ahead with your essay. That will be the biggest mistake you could have made yet. Always think your essay through and your limitations and essay requirements. Take down all the pointers and pieces of information on a piece of paper. Once you have, done that get it checked by your professor. Let these notes be a blueprint to your essay. The best essay to have been ever read is that which has been well constructed.

The basic construction pattern for the essay is

Now this is for the introductory level and is the root basis of your essay-writing journey. You later have to make more branches out of the mentioned steps. After you have done the introduction, begin with the story in the first paragraph of your main body. Give a pictorial representation of your imagination in those words to grasp the attention of the reader. Be very careful about the details do not miss any piece of information that can help the reader in understanding and fully experiencing your story.

The second paragraph of the main body would require the plot of your story. This is where you will bring in characters and the story line would proceed further. Use good expressions because in this paragraph you will be dealing with characters not description of the environment. Assignment of roles to the characters is important. The reader should be able to decipher which one of the characters is the protagonist and which one is the villain. Be very clear, about what you have to present.

The third paragraph would consist of the climax. You have to make a statement or a situation, which the reader did not expect at all. Take the reader by surprise and make sure to link the plot with the climax towards the end so your reader understands the clues that were not that noticeable or were thought to be of less importance. The last step is the conclusion where you can either give the moral of the story or leave the ending to the reader’s imagination. Make sure to wrap up your story in a tactful manner so the reader does not think that they have wasted their time.

Published on  27.12.2016