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Top 10 Interesting Writing Topics for College Papers

When asking about the “top 10 interesting writing topics” for college papers, know that this:

“Top 10 interesting writing topics for college papers”

That question is incredibly vague to ask. To find your interesting writing topics, you’ll need to know what the subject is you’re writing for first.


After choosing a topic, research it and take notes. One of the most important things with taking notes and researching is that you’ll be able to narrow a subject into manageable topics and narrow those topics into even more useful subtopics. It’s the subtopics that will give your essay plenty of meat to work with.

You’ll also need to take the notes for citations and bibliography as well as quotes during the essay. Research will give your essay something to stand on—especially your thesis statement. This is mostly reading, so you’ll want to start research—and the question and answer brainstorming—earlier in your term.

You should be aware of what your subject is and even what the topic or group of topics you’ll take on via how your syllabus is laid out. Refer to the syllabus to see what you could possibly write on and research them; you’re bound to turn up something to work with.

Use Your Textbook

This falls in the same vein as research, but your textbook will usually have a topic with subtopics underneath it. This is how chapters—the topics—are divided up into digestible portions for the reader. This will give you an idea of what you could write on, but also how you could structure your paper.

If You Just Need 10 Topics

If the thought of actually hunting subject-specific work seems like too much work to you, just use the follow topics:

All of these are incredibly vague—almost as vague as the original question—so you will still need to research to extract something to write on about each topic. It is honestly best to just take your current class into mind and write within that structure. For instance, if you’re in a science class, you wouldn’t exactly write about immigration or politics for the most part.

Published on  27.12.2016