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Does online services provide poor-quality essays?

Hiring someone online to write an essay is a student’s dream come true. For a few dollars it is easier than ever before to get away with writing an essay. There are so many online writing services that will deliver an essay on any topic, at any length, and for any deadline. The style, length, and type of essay will determine the price and most essay writing services will privately deliver the essay directly to your email address. You simply need to print it out and turn it in for your grade. Your instructor will never know you did not write it yourself, or will he?

No Plagiarism, but Lots of Mistakes

Even though most instructors are unable to prove if an essay purchased from an online writing service was plagiarized, instructors can quickly determine if an essay is written well. Since most online writing sites craft completely unique essays for their clients, instructors are usually unable to find signs of plagiarism when they put the essays through their plagiarism checking apps. Even though most students who turn in hired essays will not get in trouble for plagiarism, they usually do get in trouble for earning poor grades. Many online writing services do not write essays that are consider high quality essays.

No Voice Equals a Dull Paper

One of the biggest problems with online writing services is that the writers do not get to work with the students ordering the essay. So, if you are ordering an essay on the decisions made by Romeo and Juliet, you will get an essay about this, but it will not have any signs of your personality. It might not have many specifics about the play either. If you cannot share ideas with the writer, then your essay will appear to be generic without a unique voice. Since voice is what makes an essay unique and high-quality, you might need to assess the voice in the essay and make some changes before you submit the piece for grading.

Reports of Poor Quality

Instructors who have seen online writing pieces have reported about the poor quality. Most instructors are trying to teach their students to include ample examples and explanations. Hired essays do not include specific examples and interesting explanations. The introductions are usually weak and include sentences like: “In my essay, I will write about the decisions that Romeo and Juliet make.” Because of ridiculous sentences like this, the hired essays are also missing topic sentences and well-organized paragraphs.

Published on  27.12.2016