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Nature of the Conflict between North and South during the Civil War

The conflict between the north and the south in the 19th century, which saw the two sides enter into one of the bloodiest wars known, cannot be said to have been entirely political. It is true that states had their own rights, which were hardly recognized during the war and other problems that just masked the possibility of an amicable solution, such as economic and social problems. In other words, had it been purely political, the two sides would have engaged in an amicable political debate that would have seen them unite to solve the real problems on the ground. State rights exist to this day anyway, and so does the union, which has been arguably been termed as having been indestructible. The truth is that those in power misused in to gain control of both regions and the tensions exploded while the real problems were hardly even dealt with.

Economic control has not just began to be covered up in conflict as it still is today, which is why we still have economic conflicts within as well as outside the united states (now that the union is indestructible). The union was in control of the industrialized America and sought to control the agrarian side as well, and the south did not auger well with the demands made in this regard. It is known that slavery was a stinking problem back then and there were such problems both in the south and the north in this regard. The deepest problem that can be identified from back then, which is substantially solved today, was the lack of freedom and the presence of slavery. That could have been the only reason why Fernando Wood, the mayor of New York, the richest state, rallied his people towards the president elect and arguably lamented the fight against slavery.

The conflict is one of the major historical events discussed and studied in the United States. The effects of the conflict have contributed significantly to the current state of the United States, politically, socially, and economically. After the conflict, the leaders sought to reconcile their differences and form a nation in which the rights of every person is respected irrespective of gender, race, or occupation. In addition, the conflict led to the end of slavery and slave trade in the United States.

Published on  27.12.2016