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Kant’s morals

Kant has written an excellent work on modern philosophy. It is one of the best written philosophies in today’s time. It gained popularity among the learned of the society as soon as it was published. Many people believe Kant’s morals to be an outstanding work compiled after extensive research and observation.

The book is quite detailed and comprehensive. If you are reading Kant for the first time you might have to re-read a few passages again to grasp what the writer is actually trying to communicate. As you proceed with the book you find yourself immersing in it and it gets difficult to discontinue reading. It is certainly a treat to read. The best part of the book is that the author is objective throughout the book. His perception of morals and their value in human life is quite understandable. The way he relates morality to the universe is impressive. Kant mentions that our actions are best judged when we go against our nature and will to do something that is right. This is quite true because if a person is doing something that he likes to do and it is right then he won’t face any reluctance or hesitance because it is something he already likes. When someone is asked to take the right step or make a decision against his will, only then it will be analyzed how objective and righteous the person is. Kant believes that pure moral actions are non-existent in the world we live in. even if people take these actions there is some purpose or personal interest involved in taking that action. Kant states morality as an inborn quality and a blessing by nature. At the end of the book the author compares the free will and destiny idea. People often believe that our actions contribute to a bigger picture and serve a bigger purpose in the universe. Others have the idea that we are the controllers of our own lives and always have a choice to make. The decisions we take in life are solely our responsibility and no one has to do anything about it.

Kant’s philosophy about morality is quite impressive and thought provoking. The book is a must read for people who value a good read. Kant explains in his book how the ideals in the society of rational beings are shaped by their behaviors and approach towards life.

Published on  27.12.2016