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Academic essay writing help: how to avoid general topics

What makes an essay great?

A good essay is original and compelling. Many students think solid writing skills are the key to creating an impressive essay that will earn high grades, but the reality is not that simple. Even the best writers can earn low marks on their writing assignments if they choose to write about dull topics that test the reader’s patience. A great essay provokes thought and stays with the reader. It introduces new ideas or arguments and makes a strong and convincing case for them. An essay should be a novel attempt to say something interesting, and it should be stated well. Simple writing skills are not enough to ensure that.

A good essay is original.

When you are writing an academic essay, you simply must choose a topic that is interesting and not overly general. General topics are too vague, too broad, and too widely applicable for the reader to find much interest. Of course, choosing a topic with the proper specificity requires striking a delicate balance. If you pick a topic that is too specific and small in scale, you will have a hard time writing about it at length and in adequate detail. An overly specific topic may strike your reader as unimportant and irrelevant to their own lives.

However, an overly general topic can be just as bad. A general topic may be overplayed, cliched, or uninteresting to the reader. If you try to apply your essay topic too broadly to the world at large, you may remove the human interest from your piece, and leave the reader without a strong sense of context. A good essay topic is both specific and general, rich with details and useful information, but also expansive and relevant to real world topics that your reader might care about.

How can you avoid general topics in your essay?

The best way to choose an appropriate academic essay subject is to go with what you know. Select an area that is relevant to your own life, your own extra curricular experiences, or your own passions. However, once you pick a topic that is relevant to you, branch out and learn more about a subarea that you are not already an expert on. If you’re a sports fanatic, for example, try learning more about a sports culture that is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps read up on a game that is not played or televised in your country, but which is popular somewhere else. This marriage of the familiar and the novel will make for an outstanding essay.

Published on  27.12.2016