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Top 5 Essay Writing Skills

Teachers don’t want you to know this, but the truth is, if you want to write an excellent essay in any class – all you need are a few basic skills. These are skills that anyone, of any background or age, can learn with relative ease. If you master these simple skills, you’ll be all set to go on any essay assignment that falls into your lap!

1. Creativity

All essays start with a great idea or interesting question. Innovative thinkers – even if they aren’t masterful at the English language – are often crafting excellent essays strictly due to their imaginative minds. Inspire your own creative thinking process to tackle questions in unique ways or select intriguing essay topics. Use brainstorming techniques like group idea generation and mind mapping to get your own creative juices flowing!

2. Organization

It’s strange to say, but you need to be both creative and organized when it comes to essay writing. The creativity jumpstarts the writing process, but it’s the organizational aspect that keeps it managed and coherent. Organized people are better capable of implementing work schedules that will portion their workload into manageable chunks. They are also more likely to create outlines and other planning procedures before writing their essay. This skill is highly important because great essays can’t be crafted without patience and planning. Find an organizational method that works for you when you’re writing an essay!

3. Attention to detail

This skill will benefit individuals most when they arrive at the editing and proofreading stage. They’ll be able to identify miniscule errors and better organize an unclear essay if they are prone to observing small details. If you aren’t detail-oriented, you can always have a friend with such a trait look over your essay. They can help you find tiny grammatical mistakes and other subtleties that you may have missed.

4. Good research skills

If you’re a wizard at finding things on Google, then you’re already halfway to achieving this next essay writing skill. Research skills are highly important, especially when your essay requires a lot of supporting evidence. Understand the searching methods at your local library and relevant topic words. Know the difference between scholarly databases and sources, versus general non-credible ones. This will help you produce better, more knowledgeable, more competent essays in the future.

5. Problem-solving

A great majority of essay assignments will involve students addressing an important question. These students need to analyze and approach that question in a thoughtful way. What are possible answers to the question? How can you support those answers? These are all problem-solving questions that must be addressed. If you are excellent at solving complicated problems, you’ll be far more capable of handling diverse essay topics.

Published on  27.12.2016