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A List Of Outstanding Persuasive Essay Topics On Steven Hawking

Steven Hawking is a brave scientist who is physically challenged. This renowned celebrity has formulated an innovative theory called “Big Bang”. To be frank, his theory is controversial and many critics have given their own views to simplify the formula of the big bang. According to Steven, St Augustine was not able to trace the creator who is behind the self-creation of the universe. Augustine failed to measure the time before the birth of the universe. In his research journal, Steven criticized that Augustine never showed courage to go against the established force of religion and superior classes. God is the creator of the universe. Time started after the formation of the universe which still exists to house million creatures and lively things. As a student, your role is to form some marvelous argumentative essay topics on Steven Hawking.

Select Few Popular Argumentative Topics on Steven Hawking and Big Bang

Stephen Hawking claims that there was none to create the universe. If someone is agnostic, he should admit the pre-existence of a strange celestial body to give rise to this beautiful universe with star studded sky. Galaxies, planets, meteorites, and satellites have not been born overnight. Stephen starts anticipating that there was big bang which brewed up all incidents and snapshots of futuristic facts to influence the human lives. This bang is a simple dark hollow or spot which is very magnetic. However this big bang is everlasting and eternal. Stephen’s big bang theory has been accepted by NASA and they have sky rocketed a number of satellites and vehicles to explore in the unfathomable universe. In your persuasive essay on Stephen Hawking, you should give some interesting examples to analyze the concepts and ideologies of Stephen Hawking and his big bang theory. Time and big bang theory co-exist to germinate new ideas for people to think of the pre-existence of any super natural spirit to create the whole universe. Is there any scientific reason hidden in the big bang theory? How does the young generation take this big bang theory of Steven Hawking? Lot of argumentative topics on this famous personality can be raised or broached up to formulate the persuasive content.

Many scientists opine that the good purpose behind the birth of the bright universe looms large to influence Steven Hawking to design the Big Bang theory. If there is no purpose, how did the creator dream of giving birth to a new universe? In Matrix, the protagonist claimed that the world was not created purposelessly. You can do some comparison mentioning few quoted lines from this movie entitled Matrix. It will make the debate more vibrant and attractive.

Published on  27.12.2016