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Anne Frank Essay Writing Topics

Choosing an essay topic based on Anne Frank may depend on personal interests.  You want to choose a topic you can be comfortable researching and writing about.  With so many topics to choose from, narrowing down your selection is work itself.  There are sample essays online that can be reviewed to give ideas.  Sample essays may also inspire you to research a common topic from another perspective.  Your choice of topic may depend on what methods you use to make your final option.

If you are not familiar with whom Anne Frank is you may need to begin your research here.  There are books, videos, plays and more that detail notable aspects about her.  She is known for writing a diary during a historical time period (World War II).  During the mid-1940s Frank, a Jewish teenager, died in a concentration camp in German before the war ended.  Her story and written works are admirable because they conveyed optimism and hope during a tragic time.

Once you get an idea about who she is, you can start brainstorming.  Start with what you know and note things that peak your curiosity.  Creating your essay outline may also help you decide on a topic.  Most essays consist of 5 areas including the introduction, body and conclusion.  Choose a topic that will provide adequate data for each area. Essay topics on Frank often help people understand her story aside from exploring her writing talent.  Depending on what you choose to write about, you may need to conduct additional research to provide clarity.  For instance, if you choose to write about the play based on her life, you may need to learn about the characters and events with further investigation.

Essay writing topics may include:

You can also take a more personal approach on the matter: Who are favorite characters in the play? What do you think makes Anne Frank and her diary so special?  How do you think she would have lived her life if she survived?  How do you think you would survive her situation? What would you have written about in your diary?  How would things be for your family if you were in hiding during the same ordeal?

Published on  27.12.2016