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Unusual cause and effect essay topic ideas

Cause and effect essays have to follow a few rules. In order to do this, you must know what the rules are. The first obvious one is that you must discuss both the causes and the effects of whatever your topic is about. Give them equal treatment. Don’t write most of your essay on causes and then one sentence on effects. Try to portray a fair balance.

Now to finding a topic idea. Your instructor may have given you some general guidelines or may have left it completely open for you to decide. Either way, you must choose a topic that’s narrowed down enough to cover it satisfactorily. It also needs to be unique, perhaps even unusual to be different, fresh, new and exciting.

Remember this type of essay explores the “hows and whys” of things that happen or have happened. It could be based on an event in science, politics, everyday life, wars, social events, psychology and so on.

Where to look for unique and unusual topic ideas?

What are some examples of unconventional topic idea?

The internet is full of essay ideas. Of course some students just take an idea right off the internet and use it like it is. The problem with that is many students do it, making for repetitive essays. When your teacher reads your essay, you want your topic to be unusual enough that they’ve never read an essay quite like yours before!

So if you find a topic idea, use it for brainstorming only. Find a unique twist or slant on the topic so you can change it and make it your own. Your essay should be as unique as you are, so make sure you do some thinking before randomly choosing a topic. Browse lists of topic ideas. You might even be able to combine two ideas to formulate one really great topic.

Published on  27.12.2016