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The Relationship between Ecologically Sustainable Development and Social Welfare – Essay Example

Ecologically sustainable development is one of the major challenges that are facing governments, business industries and communities in the world. According to the commonwealth, they defined ecologically sustainable development as the use, conservation and enhancement of community resources where ecological processes that community life depends on can be maintained and the quality of life can be increased in future by providing equity between and within generations.

Guiding principles for an ecologically sustainable development include; processes used in decision making both short and long term environmental, economic, equity, and social considerations, involving communities in the discussions of issues affecting them, a need to develop a diversified and strong economy which will enhance better environmental protection and prevention of environmental degradation. The commonwealth government has insisted that the world’s ecosystems should be conserved for the future generations to benefit.

Ways of developing and using environmental resources which are supposed to maintain our economy where possible will improve variety, and quality of those resources in order to develop the industry and create employment. The following are reasons why we need to look at the management and economic resources on an international, national, and regional basis and the potential threats likely to affect our environment if necessary action is not taken immediately.

The following are the main features that will distinguish an ecologically sustainable methodology to development; a consideration of long term goals in comparison to short term goals when making decisions and taking action, and a wider economic, environmental, and social implications of the decisions made by the biosphere and the international community. In conclusion, if we follow the right path of an ecologically sustainable development, serious impacts arising due to our economic activities will be greatly reduced. This means that our ways of using resources such as quality of air, water, and land will be greatly improved by developing products and processes that are friendlier to the environment.

Published on  27.12.2016