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How to analyzing the arguments of your essay

An argument in an essay is the justified answer to the topic of the essay. It is necessary however to support the argument with evidence. The evidence comes from researching the books, news journals, articles and the web. It is up to you to you use this data in the most effective way to strengthen your argument.

Analysis of the arguments

While collecting data you may come across information that might not be true, or has some doubts about its authentication. It is then when you use a technique called critical analysis to judge whether you want to keep this information or discard it.

Critical analysis of something is not a unique process limited only to university students but if we observe closely it is something we use daily in making decisions about various things. Whether we believe a movie to be factual or not is an example of critical analysis.

Do not get confused by the way it sounds. It does not merely mean to reject or oppose ideas it also means why you believe something to be true.

How to analyze your argument

Analyzing your argument means assessing its validity and see how convincing it appears. It does not merely mean judging the evidence strength but also stating why you think this evidence is convincing. You should keep following things in your mind during analyzing the argument.

Include only important details

Do not keep on adding history and previous background of things if they are not helping your argument. Include statements that depict clear cause and effect. Make sure you are writing how something happened in actual rather than writing it in a way you assume it would have happened.

Use the evidence

Do not just clutter a lot of evidence into one paragraph and leave it there. Explain how the given evidence proves and supports your stance. While analyzing keep in view that the reader does not know why you believe something, you have to explain him through your writing.

Don’t be afraid of counter arguments

You might come across opinions and written material that goes against your topic, do not hesitate to include it. Use it for your own benefit. State the opposing view and then provide counter arguments that why it is not right and why is your idea correct.

Published on  27.12.2016