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Academic Writing Services are Not Reliable

How do you know if an academic writing service is trustworthy, and what are the odds that a service isn’t reputable if you found it through a cursory online search? These questions plague the mind of every student who seeks additional writing help online via a service or a writer-for-hire.

Unfortunately, these concerns are entirely warranted. Many online writing servcies, especially academic runs that are operated by part-time academic professionals, are not reliable and trustworthy. Before you trust a service with your money, your time, and possibly even your grade, you should be on the lookout for the following pitfalls.

Timeline: How Fast a Turnaround to Expect?

Academia is notoriously plagued by procrastination, deadline movement, and failure to meet established goals on time. This is true of academic work, such as dissertations and theses, as well as published journal articles, book chapters, and even departmental work. For whatever reason, academics are typically quite bad at sticking to a deadline.

The problem is, this tendency toward sluggish productivity also affects the speed of academic writing services online. If you are hiring a professor or another academic for writing help, make sure you get a formalized timeline in writing, and be willing to withdraw your payment if the writer you have hired does not meet the deadline you established. If you move the deadline or show other flexibility, you may never see the finished product.

Writing Quality: Is It Comprehensible?

Many academic writers become experts in a very minute, specific subfield in their area of study, and spend most of their time writing and communicating about that subfield with other experts. This means they become inaccessible as writers, and rely heavily on jargon and language that the average reader will be unfamiliar with. They may also write in an overly dry academic form, riddled with passive voice and long, meandering sentences that are hard to understand.

Do not let such a writer take your assignment on as a job. If your written assignments are jargon-filled and hard to read, your instructor will penalize you and your grade will suffer. Instead, ask any potential writer for a sample of their work. Ask them about their writing style. Communicate with them a few times and see if they are capable of using accessible, normal language.

Preventing Plagiarism: Is the Essay New?

Some academic writing services re-sell essays they have already constructed for previous clients. This is highly problematic. If an essay has been used previously by another student, your odds of being detected and labeled a plagiarist are high, and the consequences can range from earning a failing grade to expulsion. Even if you are not caught with a re-sold essay, there is a good chance that if a paper has been used before, it is not the best fit for your assignment, and therefore will not earn you an optimal grade.

Before working with a writer, ensure that they are giving you entirely novel work that will never be sold again.

Published on  27.12.2016