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4 Criteria Of A Great Topic For Persuasive Essays

There are 4 criteria that will take you through your persuasive essay in order to create a great essay.

  1. Create a viable thesis that is not just based on opinion. Make sure that you state a thesis that you can actually use a point of reference from which to support viable statements. Make sure that you understand the difference between what is a statement of opinion and what is an argument. A statement of opinion is a topic sentence that most reasonable people would agree with. (e.g. People who use public transport should wear deodorant) there is not much use in trying to persuade people of your argument to support this when the majority of people will support you anyway. To create a persuasive essays you need at least two points of view and the points of view must be open to debate.

  2. Knowledge of your audience and how to target them. Decide who your audience is. Once you have determined who your audience is you are then able to start building up your arguments. One very clever idea is to think of your audience as a panel who is made up of people who do not shared the same profiles, you may have someone who is very skeptical, someone who is very judgmental and someone who will only see the superficial side of any argument. You need to convince them all! This is where you need to look very carefully at the language you use, use persuasive language. Use language that is not open to misinterpretation and paints a very clear picture of the argument you are presenting.

  3. Build up a great argument that is watertight. In order to make your argument, you need to make sure that it is throughly researched. Watertight backing will include statistical information, data, examples and the view points of experts. To enhance your argument even further, find examples and that will illustrate relevant points and gain support. Appeal to your audiences' needs and values to enable them to connect to your essay.

  4. Develop your arguments and counterarguments. Present your argument in a logical manner. Make sure that you present at least two points of view. This will not just give the reader another point of view but will also help the reader see your work as knowledgeable and well resourced. If your subject is controversial, you will have some readers that will form objections to the points you have raised. Equally you need to balance your argument for your audience who already agree with the topic in your essay.

Good Luck!

Published on  27.12.2016