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How Helpful are Admission Essay Samples?

Lately, there’s been a lot of advertising and online talk about students using admission essay samples. These samples – either offered for free through various online means, or purchased from online writing companies with substantial credibility – are fully-written documents composed by real students for real academic purposes. These students then allow online sources to sell or display their work, in order to aid the writing success of future students. It seems too good to be true in many respects, and it’s for this reason that people have begun asking: are admission essay samples really helping students, or are they just a way for anonymous companies to make a quick buck?

What Admission Essay Samples are NOT For

First of all, it’s important to understand that admission essay examples function in a very specific way. They are, most assuredly, not used for personal student use. Students should never purchase or plagiarize an admission essay sample and use it as their own. Not only is this a dishonest practice that does not reflect your individuality or your writing ability, but you’re likely to be caught plagiarizing by the admissions office. If ever there was a way to ensure your rejection from a higher learning institution, that’s it! Also remember that admission essays are not tools to magically correct your difficulties with grammar, spelling or formatting. You won’t learn everything about writing overnight, just by reading an essay sample!

How Admission Essays Help

Amazingly, there are dependable ways that these essays do assist students struggling with admission essays. By using admission essay samples, students are not able to fix all of their personal writing weaknesses. However, they are able to learn by example. In a basic way, students can observe essays to remind themselves of proper sentence formation, subject-verb agreement, and other basic English skills that may have fallen by the wayside in light of their panic to finish their essay. While not a complete solution to all their writing problems, it nonetheless helps in a small, but significant way.

Students can also use admission essays as inspiration for their own compositions. Whether they need help generating an original idea, understanding a transition within their essay, or simply connecting ideas in a seamless fashion, essay samples can help. By observing and imitating the stylistic elements, connections, flow and organization of a sample essay, students are often able to produce higher quality essay of their own. In this way, essays can be very helpful to any student, regardless of writing ability or personal confidence.

Published on  27.12.2016