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4 Ways to Make Up an Essay Topic

It may not always seem this way, but essays are typically easier when you’re given something to work with. When the essay is meant to answer a question or describe a specific topic, it’s usually a lot easier to handle – at least then, you have some limitations, guidance and parameters to work in. Sometimes, though, teachers just drop essays on your lap without any preparation. You’re supposed to write about something – go. You’re left sitting there, wondering: um… what? To go from completely oblivious to completely confident with inventing new essay topics, all you need to do is pick one or more of these four tested, excellent strategies:

  1. Pick something you’re interested in. Do you like dinosaurs? Maybe love to ice skate? Think Colin Powell is the best thing since sliced bread? In all honesty, the best essay topics are always ones that have something to do with what you love. Using topics and areas that you enjoy as a starting point (such as music or fashion) will inspire a multitude of ideas, simply because you love the topic! Consider important questions you can address regarding your favorite activities, subjects or concept, and make a thorough list. You’ll find ideas keep rolling out when your base camp is located in one of your favorite topics!
  2. Use brainstorming techniques. This old-fashioned idea generation method is a proven, tried-and-true way to come up with interesting ideas. Various brainstorming methods exist, including mind mapping and hypothetical thinking. Group brainstorming may be an excellent opportunity for you and your friends to develop ideas alongside one another. Just don’t get sidetracked (or maybe you should – that could lead to great topics too).
  3. Expose yourself to various ideas and concepts. Read something new; watch something strange; listen to something unfamiliar. A great way to inspire new thoughts is to fill your head with new stimuli. The more you put in the mind, the more you get out – this is truer than you know! Learn about new things using the internet, television or books, and record any ideas or topics that crop up into your head while you’re learning.
  4. Go to the professionals. If you’re really at a loss as to what essay topic you could use, no problem. You can always look up what the professional in the subject area are talking about! What are the hot issues in play right now? What is the most current, interesting research? By examining the sorts of interesting topics that the professionals are addressing, you can better compose unique topics of your own. Plus, such an essay would be extremely relevant to the field, and likely impress your teacher greatly!

Published on  27.12.2016