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Help for middle school students: Finding cool essay topics

When you are assigned to write an essay, you are not only being given the task of writing about a specific topic. Essay writing is like a musical composition. There is a beginning, middle, and an end. Throughout an essay, as in music, there is a centralizing main idea, or theme. This idea can sprout into various other branches in different directions. Like examining a tree, one soon finds that the branches have stems attached, to which leaves are present, depending, of course, of your particular residence in location during the time of year.

The pictures painted were not only intentional, but to give you a peek as to what to consider during the writing process, as much as generating ideas of interest. Ideas are limitless. Think of them as you would your imagination. Have you ever been bored when you used your imagination? I would think not! So, if you are granted the opportunity by your instructor to write an essay on a topic, which is free choice of your choosing, remember to think of the possibilities as being endless.

What to Think

Since the possibilities of the essay topics are endless, you now face making a tough decision—choosing only one. Truly in news as upsetting as this, one can get discouraged what to write about. But, have no worry, as the imagination idea bank is to the rescue/ Today, the imagination idea bank has ventured to produce: contrast in light versus dark, the Sun, Moon, stars, comets, galaxy, Nature, music, Earth, bacteria, atom, DNA, lady bug, volcano, fault line, recycling, metal, nickel, airplane, automobile, engine, Industrial Revolution, light bulb, hot air balloon, mirror, dog, cat, pen, pencil, your family, your favorite pastime, movie, cartoon, soap, toothpaste, salt, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the Amendments, the Bill of Rights, dog, cat, mouse, rat, telescope, skin, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulation system, the nervous system, fingernails, hair, eyes, hearing, Morse Code, the radio, satellite, antenna, teeth, bones, and the skeletal system.

Those are a composite list of what the imagination idea bank managed to produce when asked in the period of five (5) minutes. For now, the bank would like to inform you that although the list provided above is short, you can help expand the ideas on it by using your imagination.

Published on  30.10.2015