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10 Helpful Tips To Find A Good Example Of A Critical Analysis Essay

Critical essays are used to analyze something. It can be a book or a film, or perhaps a work of art. You are interpreting the content whether it is written or painted, and it can focus on one or more aspects of the subject. The analysis can be very detailed and provide unique information. You might never have done something this before and are wondering if there any examples you might take a look at. Here are some places you can look to find critical analysis samples.

  1. Your Teacher. This person can give an example of what a high quality essay looks like. There is also the hint of what the teacher is looking for, and that is going to help you.
  2. An Essay Writing Guide. You can find something like this at the library, it may contain examples of such essays include, among other samples.
  3. The Newspaper. The Sunday edition would be the best. These have any number of critiques on theater or other social events. They give you an idea of how such composition ought to be written.
  4. Art or Literary Magazines. Critical analysis essays are part of the stock in trade for these publications.
  5. Literary Blogs. The Internet has given it opportunity for art and other types of critics to publish their opinions on their own websites.
  6. College or University Department Websites. The English or arts departments of a college may have a section devoted to academic criticism. These websites can give you a flavor for what higher education looks for in these types of essays.
  7. Writing Websites. Various forms of writing critique may be included among the topics on the pages of such platforms.
  8. The School Library. On the shelves of the library are any number of journals and books on various forms of criticism. You have no problem finding examples in any of those volumes.
  9. Older Students. Those who have already taken the course in critical analysis. They still have copies of their former work that you can take a look at.
  10. Internet Search. It simply requires typing the right words into the search engine to extract any number of examples.

It is essential that you learn from these examples. You certainly would not want to risk copying them verbatim, because that is plagiarism. What you should be looking at is the style of writing and how the author dissects a given work. This is more than just writing a condescending opinion. You must be able to explain how you arrived at a given stand on a particular work of art, film, or literature. The logic of your argument is going to be extremely important.

Published on  27.12.2016