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Useful Tips Explaining the Easiest Way to Write an Essay

An essay can be overwhelming to write if you do not have a plan. Since your essay may be an in-class essay or a take-home essay, you will need two plans to get you through the process with an A+ grade.

In-Class Essays

Time is of the essence with an in-class essay. The teacher will deduct less from spelling errors due to the time constraint. Use these steps when you have to write the essay within the class period.

  1. Form a three-part thesis: a strong thesis will mean a stronger essay. Spend about five minutes on this step.
  2. Rough Outline: it is essential that you know what you are writing about in the essay. If you use the three-part9three main idea) thesis, then your paper will have an introduction paragraph, three boy paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use ten minutes for this.
  3. Keep it simple as you write: stick to the points and avoid flowery language. You have a time limit, so keep the thoughts straight and simple. Use thirty-five minutes for writing.
  4. Proofread: check for errors. Do not worry about erasers and smudges. Most classes are 55-60 minutes long, so use your remaining time for proofing and correcting.

Out of Class Essays

The out of class essay will probably require research. Your teacher’s expectations will be higher as well. The paper may also be longer in length. Use the steps below, but adjust them to the given writing assignment.

  1. Pick your topic
  2. Write your thesis statement
  3. Visit your teacher for topic and thesis approval
  4. Create a working outline
  5. Research
  6. Change the outline if necessary
  7. Write the rough draft, make the Works Cited paper, and make sure you have in-text citations
  8. Revisit the rough draft for corrections
  9. Submit the rough draft and the Works Cited paper
  10. When the teacher returns the rough draft-make all the noted changes and research more if necessary. If there are many changes, you will want to create a new outline to follow.

Use these tips when writing an essay in the class or out of the classroom. Also follow all instructions the teacher gives to you. Do not miss any deadlines the teacher gives to you. Always ask questions and visit the teacher when you need help on the essay. Good luck!

Published on  27.12.2016