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What to do when you cannot write your essay?

You can’t write your essay because (a) you don’t have the time (b) you didn’t make the proper preparations or (c) you’re not good at writing. No problem! Each of these road blocks have solutions to them that will lead you to dominating any issue you may have with writing your essay.

Time is Not on Your Side

You either forgot about the essay or you waited until the last minute to get started so now you are not sure you will be able to finish an acceptable essay on time. This won’t be an issue if you follow these steps

  1. Choose the time you can allot to the essay
  2. Stick the time allotted by setting up 1/5 of the time to the intro, 1/5 of the time to the body, 1/5 to the conclusion, 1/5 editing and 1/5 revising.
  3. Be strict on yourself so that you get the essay done on time!

you stick to a schedule, time goes be much more productively. If you just write without a schedule or an idea of how much time you would like to spend, you will end up spending too much time.

Haven’t Prepared for the Essay Properly

Your essay is based on a long book that you haven’t read, if so there is no need to fear. There are plentiful websites that offer in depth summaries and analysis on millions of books. If you haven’t read the book, and don’t think you can, look up the book in at least two of these websites, that way you have more than one analysis and summary. After reading a couple of summaries and analyses begin to write your essay.

I Am No Good at Writing Essays

Every time you write an essay it is full of red marks where you could have done better, now you feel that this essay will be no good. Do not be hard on yourself, and be assured that you can definitely write a well written essay and get a great grade. Writing an essay can be really easy, and there is no such thing as not being good at it. Use vocabulary words, when you run out of words use the thesaurus, and for every claim you make or opinion you give, support it with at least 2 evidence points from the text or other resources.

Published on  27.12.2016