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Essay Checker – The Right Way to Use It

Essay checkers allow for you to find out if your essay is totally legit and absolutely ready to be turned in. There are many kinds of essay checkers available online such as people who will read through your essay and let you know if your paper is good to go and programs that will do the same.

Human Essay Checkers

Human essay checkers are often offered as part of a larger essay writing service. Their function is similar to having a friend or family member read your essay for you and point out errors and such. The only difference here is that it’s considered a profession service…of sorts.

The great thing about human essay checkers Is that they will be able to identify the format used and if the essay actually flows well. Of course there’s a bit of human error in using an actual person to handle this:

Those are the main two. You’ll know a fishy human error checker if you know that you plagiarized to some degree and they didn’t pick it up. If the essay checker is more of a free consultation service, then it couldn’t hurt to use it at all.

Programs and Online

There are also essay checker programs to use. There are two main ones: those available online and ready to use and programs you will need to download.

Online Essay Checkers

These tend to work in one of two ways. The first is copying and pasting the whole essay or chunks of the essay into the checker’s text box and allowing it to check for errors, plagiarism, etc. The other method is for you to upload your essay and allow it to check there.

In these cases, plagiarism checking often takes a backseat to grammar and spelling checking which something your word processor could’ve done on its own. There are some online essay checkers that hit it right on the button when finding plagiarism, others that miss it completely, and others that leave it ambiguous as to if they actually found plagiarism and want you to sign up for a service.

Needless to say, it’s a mixed bag indeed.

Essay Checker Programs

Let’s face it unless we truly want a program, we’re not trying to download anything that needs to be installed on our computers. An essay checking program is only good if you’re constantly doing essays or writing and want your work checked constantly.

These checkers work the same way as online checkers in that you feed the program your essay and it will check it. The difference is that programs tend to be very specific. Most will hit on plagiarism, spelling, and grammatical errors as is expected. You then get in the area of percentages of grammatical errors, spelling, and suspected work plagiarized.

This will help you greatly in making corrections, but there can be a degree of error with programs as well. Some plagiarism might skate by them and like online checkers; the structure of the essay and the flow of the essay will be overlooked and the format might be overlooked in favor of the essentials of what is and isn’t correct and copied.

Published on  27.12.2016