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Essay Writing Prompts: What do Your Audience Need?

Taking the audience into consideration when you are writing your essay is a vital part of the writing process, but often overlooked. By taking into consideration what your audience would want while reading your essay, it will make for a better end result of your piece. There are certain needs that you should ask yourself if your essay provides, and you should consistently ask yourself if you are meeting the needs of the audience while writing your essay.

Needs of the Audience

By writing for the audience’s needs, it is vital to understand what those needs are. The audience’s needs revolve around understanding the topic of which you are writing about. In order to check if you are meeting these needs, as yourself some questions, such as “If I were reading my essay, and did not know the information beforehand, would I understand this?” in addition to other questions such as “Would I find this part interesting? Or would I skip reading if I were the reader?”

The importance of having the audience understand the information in the essay cannot be stressed enough. This is especially true for technical essays that require a lot of specific jargon. There is nothing more irritating that reading a piece and stumbling upon a technical word that is essential to the information, but not explained. If you are unsure if the audience will understand a technical word, add the definition or a short explanation in parentheses. This way, you will be able to talk about the high-brow components of a subject while informing the readers at the same time.

In addition to adding definitions to otherwise unknown vocabulary, this also extends to abbreviations. If there are abbreviations in your essay, it is vital to spell out what the abbreviations stand for- especially if the abbreviations will be used again and again throughout your essay.

What kind of Audience?

Also take into consideration who the audience is. There is a general sense that you can determine who will be reading your essay, but it is great to think about a more specified demographic to determine what kind of style or voice you are using in your essay. Especially for academic papers, it goes without saying that a formal tone is a necessity while writing essays for an audience such as your professor. By thinking of these themes beforehand, you will be able to see how you can improve your writing dedicated to the future audience.

Published on  27.12.2016