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Writing Ideas: 20 Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Students

Persuasive essays are written to convince the readers and encourage them to follow the writer’s advice. If the reader goes through the entire article, half of the battle is won. However if the reader starts implementing the writer’s advice, complete battle is won. Take your own time and gather the important points to make an interesting start. Pursue towards your goal step by step and accomplish it successfully.

If you are looking for some of the eye catching persuasive essay topics, following 20 brilliant persuasive essay topics can be helpful to you

  1. Some people say that Social Media networking websites makes people isolated while others says it is a good way to stay connected with the real life? Support the fact with arguments.
  2. Why gun license should not be offered to common man? Explain the scenario in reference to massacre on public places?
  3. Why encouragement prices should be offered to all the participants? Is offering the trophy is like discouraging the winning team and making their confidence low?
  4. Are we too much dependant on technology? Explain in terms of real life scenario.
  5. How right is implanting sexual education at high schools? Does parenting, sexuality, family planning needs to be taught at the schools? Why?
  6. Students leave their home as early as 5:30 am in the morning. How right it is in terms of their body to function properly for the entire day?
  7. Is improving handwriting at elementary schools nurtures many good habits in children? How important is it in the era of computers?
  8. Are modern outfits increasing the violation against women? How it can be prevented?
  9. Does co-education nurtures moral values like paying respect to opposite gender? How?
  10. Should blood donation be made compulsory by individuals between the age group of 18-50?
  11. How right is the death penalty for the culprits? How it will improve the crime rate?
  12. Why all citizens should be imparted at least one year of practical army training?
  13. Why violent video games should be banned?
  14. Should drug and alcohol suppliers be imprisoned?
  15. Why birth control pills should be made available free of cost?
  16. Why planting trees and its care should be made compulsory? Why strict measures are necessary?
  17. Is television deteriorating the mindset of people instead of advantaging them?
  18. Why rain water harvesting measures should be made compulsory by the government?
  19. How corruption has become an integral part of the politics? Why it can’t be prevented?
  20. How security cameras are interfering more with the privacy of general public instead of offering them protection?

Published on  27.12.2016