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The Most Interesting Literary Essay Topics Related To Animal Farm

One of the most difficult literary pieces that you will have to write is the literary essay if you don’t choose a great topic to write it on. The main reason why the title is so important is because you will be taking a critical look into this assignment. It will be focusing on analysing the piece for more than the words. You want to look into the meaning of the piece and draw some conclusions on it. It is a deep paper and these topics should be able to help you get started on writing it.

  1. Aims of the satire at totalitarianism
  2. Parallels with the Russian Revolution
  3. Political fable and animal fable
  4. The dictatorial pig, Napoleon
  5. Mr. Jones versus the animals
  6. Napoleon versus Snowball
  7. Societal tendency toward class stratification
  8. Naïve working class. What is the danger?
  9. Language abuse leading to power abuse
  10. Corruption of socialist ideals in the Soviet Union

Develop an outline first before you get too far into the paper. That will help you get an idea of how you will present your ideas. You can easily find out whether or not something can be analysed, by looking more into the symbols and the motifs. These are the ways that the writer uses the literary word to produce a meaning.

Once you decide on a topic, start to conduct some research. You want to have specific quotes from the text to support your claims. It is the best way to prove your point because you can not only list the passage that proves your statement, but you can make some direct statements about why it supports your statements.

Get an example of a literary essay to get the best idea of how to write a paper regarding Animal Farm. Remember that the story mixes a political and animal fable, therefore, you should keep that in mind when you are writing your paper. What ways does the decision to write it as a fable affect the overall final product? Think about why the author made the decisions that were made.

When you think about these questions, it starts to get you in the right mind state to understand how to complete the rest of the paper. It will give you an idea of how you will present your ideas and the way that you should think.

Published on  27.12.2016